Put-your-property-out-there (PYPOT TM ©) is an entrepreneurial project using what we have and using it to make up for what we do not have.

We are not estate agents. We are introducers - “buyer meet seller”.
The owner uses our client websites and adds information of the property. “For sale” properties are hit on their URL (www.estateagent.com/75748/yes) in 1,000s while we could be marketing small business and NPOs.

Clients have money back guarantee on under 1,000 hits.

We use a property to help market a small business / NPO. When the sale is concluded, the property information is taken out and has received marketing.

Your buyer has meaningful websites to remember.

When you open http://www.maid.on.the.move.pyot.biz/ you will see the property for sale and new business / NPO.

Sellers cannot be helping more, than by listing the property for marketing. (No sole mandates)

This is not solely to promote and help market their companies. The people building these sites have been trained to build PYOT sites thereby creating jobs and entrepreneurs.

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Jacqui Osz